FAQ: Download Call of Duty 4

Where do I download Call of Duty 4 for the PC or Xbox 360?

You need to purchase the game of course. Or if you have already bought the game, you can download it over torrent sites like mininova.org or piratebay.org for backup purposes hehe, just use the keycode of your legal copy and you’ll be fine.

What are torrents and how do you use them?

Just go over www.utorrent.com and download the client. Next up is go over a popular torrent listing site such as www.mininova.org and search for call of duty 4 pc. Next is to sift the list by clicking the seeders on top of the search results to get the best possible torrent for download.

Here are the simplified Instructions to get your copy of Call of Duty 4.

1.Download Uttorent (less than 1mb in size)
2.Go to Mininova.org and search for call of duty 4 pc and strain results by clicking on the Seeders button on top of the results page.

3.Download the torrent with the most seeds and leechers. Open it with Utorrent, wait for a few days(6gb+) but really depends on your internet connection. It will take roughly 3 days for a 1.3Mbps internet connection (estimate).

Additional Notes:

You might as well put your upload to (right click utorrent icon and put the upload limit) 12kB/s so your ISP won't choke your download. Just seed it later to make sure you still have a total ratio of 1 (show statistics in Utorrent).

I will not be held responsible for you actions beyond my blog, I have stipulated that you can only download copies over torrent sites if you have the physical copy or you already bought the game, otherwise, enjoy :D


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February 20, 2010 at 1:10 PM Puya said...

Mininova.org is confirmed to be dead and only supporting crap torrents. Just try Piratebay.org with the same instructions.

December 9, 2010 at 12:50 PM ian said...

Where I can download Call of Duty 4 full version? beside torrent download if any

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