Play Cod4 in Xfire


Cod Game with Game patch 1.7 Get it Here
Cod4 multiplayer with a keycode. Get it Here...tutorial is Here (follow steps 3 and 4)

1. Download the xfire client. Install xfire. Create an account and run xfire.

2. If Xfire automatically scans the game go to Step 7. Otherwise Open Tools > Games (wait for the useless Game Scanning) > Games > Choose the "Not Installed" list.

3. Choose "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multiplayer and open the Dropdown menu (figure 5.) and choose manual detect.

4. Select Browse (not highlighted)

5.Navigate through the native game path.

Pathname : C:\Call Of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\iw3mp.exe

(on some cases like mine it is installed to a different path like G:\Call of Duty 4 ....  Just select he iw3mp.exe file.

6. Make sure they are correctly selected. Press "apply".

7. Click the "servers" Icon shown below and click the "call of duty 4 tab as shown. Select "Refresh Server List" and select a server of your choice. Play. 

(cracked servers might or might not be there) Get to the next step if you are using a "trial version"

(optional) 8. Open the pull-out menu and search for keywords like crack and Play... That's all there is to it. Enjoy.

I've been playing a lot too. I'll see you there \m/.

Multiplayer Keycode for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Here are the keys for playing multiplayer on Call of Duty 4. Here's the catch:

  • You can't play over legit servers. Only cracked or hacked servers. (You can play this over Garena and/or Xfire or any other cracked server.
  • There may be prominence of Hackers and will likely ruin your gameplay. Most open servers don't have punkbuster enabled. 
  • Download at your own risk (although it is safe, I cannot guarantee if the link will be up again as my last post on 4shared got lots of complaints)

Aim at your best with Sensitivity Tweak

Playing Cod4 for the first time can be really a hit or miss affair. In the long run, you will notice that you will likely have issues with aiming. In this part, we will talk about Sensitivity tweak for the game.

Sensitivity is defined as how fast the crosshair moves on your screen, or in hardcore, how fast your mouse look /aim will be.

The default value for the sensitivity in Call of Duty 4 is  "5" , this can have a lot of trouble with most players with bad hands and somewhat delayed reflexes. What you are going to do is lower it to make your hand and eye corrdination be in sync with what you are doing.

Mostly you can never have to follow an enemy with high sensitivity as it will moreover move faster than the target.

Here are the General Rules of the Thumb

Non-scoped Weapons:

5= Default (fast enough for Melee players but your aim will suck on long range

4= Lessened (this is for Pros that want fast enough mouse look but never recommended for beginners)

3= Moderate mix of good handling and mouse look

2= Best for Sniping (you can now sway the crosshair on a line easily

1=slowest of them all (this is for completely nervous people with unwanted muscle reflexes)

For Sniper Rifles, it is a different story. To be accurate, you need to dramatically lower your sensitivity. Thanks for the comments guys. I have actually been better with less sensitivity for scoped weapons. Here are some recommended values.

3= Good Sway but a little hard to adjust your aim to the target.

1= Great start for lowering your sensitivity. The M40 sniper rifle (default) can now hit targets over the end of the sniping areas over crossfire.

Below 1= It is up to you to decide on this. The accuracy is impeccable but you can never get to look at your side easily. 

A good thing to add is bind your keys to lower sensitivity while on your sniper rifle. Just bind it over your f9 and f10. Just type in the console \bind f9 sensitivity 1  and so on...

The best option is to go for "2" as it has all the mix for higher accuracy and everything you need.

How to change the sensitivity:

During gameplay, press the tilde key "~" (below the esc button) and type in sensitivity "x" , press tab and enter.

Note: Modern Warfare 2 doesn't have any console to type in. Instead just change the mounse sensitivity on to the options menu.


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