Modern Warfare Remastered out now

For the past 10 years. it is still a solid FPS shooter that made a name of its own. The modern warfare series is arguably one of the finest in its class. Now, with a remaster, you can buy one separately (yes, it doesn't force you to buy that crappy new call of duty this year).

Now that i'm playing a lot of MW3, you can't help but miss those nice, sweet, sweet maps. Killhouse, overgrown, shipment and the likes.

I tried this over my 3 year old PC with a i7 4770k, R9 290, 8gb ram and a 850 evo; If you crank it up, it will bog the game down. Even the loading times are excruciatingly slow. Luckily, you can tone the settings or just leave it up to auto settings. Although i can't say anything regarding the loading times.

Its out now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on disc an digital editions.

Play Cod4 in Xfire


Cod Game with Game patch 1.7 Get it Here
Cod4 multiplayer with a keycode. Get it Here...tutorial is Here (follow steps 3 and 4)

1. Download the xfire client. Install xfire. Create an account and run xfire.

2. If Xfire automatically scans the game go to Step 7. Otherwise Open Tools > Games (wait for the useless Game Scanning) > Games > Choose the "Not Installed" list.

3. Choose "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multiplayer and open the Dropdown menu (figure 5.) and choose manual detect.

4. Select Browse (not highlighted)

5.Navigate through the native game path.

Pathname : C:\Call Of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\iw3mp.exe

(on some cases like mine it is installed to a different path like G:\Call of Duty 4 ....  Just select he iw3mp.exe file.

6. Make sure they are correctly selected. Press "apply".

7. Click the "servers" Icon shown below and click the "call of duty 4 tab as shown. Select "Refresh Server List" and select a server of your choice. Play. 

(cracked servers might or might not be there) Get to the next step if you are using a "trial version"

(optional) 8. Open the pull-out menu and search for keywords like crack and Play... That's all there is to it. Enjoy.

I've been playing a lot too. I'll see you there \m/.

Multiplayer Keycode for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Here are the keys for playing multiplayer on Call of Duty 4. Here's the catch:

  • You can't play over legit servers. Only cracked or hacked servers. (You can play this over Garena and/or Xfire or any other cracked server.
  • There may be prominence of Hackers and will likely ruin your gameplay. Most open servers don't have punkbuster enabled. 
  • Download at your own risk (although it is safe, I cannot guarantee if the link will be up again as my last post on 4shared got lots of complaints)


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