Apps and Sites you can use related to Call of Duty 4 Online Gaming
> the messiah… The lightest utorrent client available today.
> the well of life, overflowing with everything you need, used in conjunction with Utorrent.
> Buy and Sell computer parts in the Philippines, know the latest tech trends and gossip, its all there for your enjoyment.
> Pinoy site for COD 4 Garena and PLDTplay Players
> Site for PLDT and Smartbro gamers. It also hosts ample servers for Call of Duty 4 so download their server scout and get fraggin’. They also host games such as Counter Strike 1.5 and Source, Neverwinter Nights, Soldat and PVPgn and VLAN servers.
> Site for competitive servers around Asia, mostly Promod and Competition matches are held within their associated servers.

Beepa Fraps
> Get this if you want to record your kick-ass sessions in Call of Duty 4 or any other gaming. You can record suspected hackers with this.

Deep Freeze
> Can be summed up as a daily time machine back to point A. This nifty app will make sure to clean up your mess if you screw up. It has a freeze point where any changes in your system when frozen will and always be at that point. No saves, no ranks and challenges added or removed… a perfect tool for starters. This will also prevent any virus to infiltrate your pc when turned on… this app singlehandedly trumps every antivirus if you’re on a one way upload on your USB.


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