Best Loadout for A Hardcore TDM for COD4

In all of my playing time within the game, Hardcore TDM is by far the best and only thing that gets my blood boiling. The kills are endless if you compare it to other gametypes. Let us get onto business shall we?

Hardcore matches are really noticeable for 2 major things; No Hud and Less Health.

This means you can easily pawn players that rely too much on the hud for everything they need. I usually don't even bother to take a look at it even on non-HC. You don't even need to look at how many bullets are onto the mag, you just need to reload every 2 kills or so (on a 30 round mag).

Also, less health means you only get 30 percent of health. Yes that's right, the game usually gives you 100 health. This means more pawnage from crybaby veteran players that can't rush because they forgot they only have little health and barraging with their p90's.

Okay, mudslinging aside, here are my recommended HC TDM loadouts for eveybody.

Staple: as mentioned in my other post

1 grenade
1 stun
m9 -first pistol

RDS - best aim
Stopping Power - Less bullets, more kills
Deep Impact - Got wall, no problem!

Why, you ask?

Forget about the 3 grenades, they are for wimps that spam to nothingness especially in the Killhouse map. You'll only need one, don't rely on it because it actually needs 5 eons of seconds to be effective. 5 seconds in a multiplayer game is a frag lost. Try to cook them if you really want to be effective and know the spots to throw especially when the UAV is on.

Stuns are better period. *u** the rest. They explode upon ground impact. Comapred to others, flash needs a couple of seconds to detonate = death. Smoke is also more of a nuisance than anything you could imagine. Ditch the cover effect because COD4 maps are so small and you can always guess where the enemies are, if you die often in the open field, chances are you haven't mastered the map yet, the usual sniper and camping spots are so obvious you don't even have to aim too hard.

Using the m9 is a bliss. It has 40 damage across the board (same with other guns besides D eagle @ 50 damage). Get this because you have 16 bullets to spare. This is also complimentary to the mp5 bullets because they use up the same. Also, you need to learn how to push the mouse button faster because the gun literally is only as fast as your clicks are.

Now for the main event. Here are my recommended Slaughter Weapons. Suitable for the intermediate to advanced players only. If you only are a beginner. Start with "spray and pray" weapons limited to you. The mp5 is a lvl 1 weapon which you can use at short 4 bullet bursts. But anyway, we don't want to make an article for the best loadouts for nothing, lets get it on.

First that you can get your hands on is the m16, this beast looks ugly with the default grenade launcher attachment. But once you remove them, you'll be aiming at your best with this gun. No compromises, all kills even in non-hc mode.

Next is the RPD. This killing machine is at its best with the grip attachment. Don't worry about losing the first perk because this is well enough for your enemies butt to become into pulp. It has incredicle accuracy with just a slight movement speed decrease. It has the same kind of bullets from the AK but they don't mix bullets due to the latter is in a magazine type compared to the RPD with a barrel mag.

The others are good but not that good with compared to these two babies. They are desined to kill but not look good, but it kills better anyway.

So we're you thinking about other perks? You can use them for other gametypes. Clay is better onto different tactics which I'll get on my future posts.

Oh and if you want that cool wallpaper over this post. Just click to maximize and save it.


February 20, 2010 at 1:01 PM Anonymous said...

I love the RPD too. It's a great weapon and I even recommend it on non-hardcore matches. It can easily be a match-turner.

April 23, 2010 at 7:16 PM Anonymous said...

I think Getting Your Killstreaks UP is the best tactic for me. I also love RPD as its the best Area Dominator check out my
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April 23, 2010 at 8:00 PM Anonymous said...

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