Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I download the game?

You need to purchase the game of course. Or if you have already bought the game, you can download it over torrent sites for backup purposes hehe, just use the keycode of your legal copy and you’ll be fine.

2. What are torrents and how do you use them?

Just go over and download the client. Next up is go over a popular torrent listing site such as and search for call of duty 4 pc. Next is to sift the list by clicking the seeders on top of the search results to get the best possible torrent for download.

3. What do I do after I install the game and want multiplayer?

You can just open the multiplayer exe of cod4 and click on the join game, there are thousands of online servers waiting for you. You can play Call of Duty 4 in a virtual LAN in Garena, Here are the instructions on to get you going.

4. What if I don’t have a valid keycode or the game reports that the keycode is already in use?

Alternatively, you can get keycode HERE but you can never play internet servers because these codes are not legit but will allow you to play on Garena and other Cracked Servers such as PLDTplay, Fragnetics Servers such as PXGL and all of the ones listed in the official server list.

5. But wait, I need punkbuster to play on some servers right?

Only if they require it. Just download the updater here and follow the instructions within the site to get it up and running.

6. What Call of duty 4 versions used in garena? In other servers?

There are some people that still use the 1.0 version but most use the 1.7 version due to the addition of other maps such as Killhouse, Chinatown and other tweaks..

7. Can i still play in 1.0 when I install 1.7 patch? How do I install it?

Sure you can. Although you must backup the main cod4 folder so that it will serve you the 1.0 version. Here is the guide to doing both.

8. How do i create my own cod4 server?

Just create your game on the main cod4 menu. Click Here for the quick guide.

9. How about a dedicated cod4 server?

You can do that too on the main guide. But there is a different way to input commands.

10. Cod4 Dedicated server commands?

Although you need to replace the instructions with a variable like “set”. For example, if you want to reduce the respawn time which is normally typed as /scr_war_playerrespawndelay 1, you will just type in set scr_war_playerrespawndelay 1. The command sets are all the same except other commands such as disconnect and other commands not related to game variables.

11. How about a fun mode and cheats enabled?

On a normal server just type in /devmap mp_shipment . Just change the map to backlot, killhouse or whatever map you want.

Here are the simple commands if you want to play with it.

cg_laserforceon Laser Sights, Yay

god Be like Chuck Norris

noclip Fly like on free spec mode but you can’t shoot

giveall Everything that a virtual cod4 hand can hold, including the “finger gun”

ufo Same as noclip but you stay on the same height

give health no explanation needed

giveammo same s*it

g_gravity same. Default is 800

g_speed same. Defaults to 190

Note: if you have them enabled, everybody can do the cheats too on your server but you can only do the physics variables yourself as the host.

12. When i try to join user servers in Garena, some or most of them have pings higher than 300, can i still join the fun?

Sure you can, try to ask the host their username in gg and tunnel them, heres’ how. Or you can politely ask them to tunnel you on the garena room.

13. I’m suspecting a cheater in the server, how do i catch him/her?

Unfortunately, you have a slim chance of spotting the cheats. However no recoil will show up on spectate mode. You can record a demo and see if they are actually using the cheat and have proof of it.

Type in \record on the console. Then end it with \stoprecord.

Politely ask the host to type in \status and see his ip, use it and look for his username in GG to make sure you won’t play with them again.

Play the demo again by getting the demo file on the modern warfare> main folder and put it on the modwarfare folder. Open cod4 and run the modwarfare mod and type on the console \demo demo.0001. or whatever you named the demo after.

Note: You can then record the demo with fraps too, giving you freedom to save the demo and record it later.


My frame rate is really slow, how can i get this to a playable level?

There are three possible solutions for that.

  • Upgrade your Hardware
  • Overclock your Hardware
  • Tweak your Graphics settings

Upgrade your Hardware

Upgrading your hardware will likely be the easiest solution of the bunch. This might be a good step for begineers if they are planning to buy a new PC. I would recommend the following

Cpu: Any core2duo processor over 2.8ghz 5kPhp (roughly 110usd)

Video Card: Ati 4770 5kPhp

Ram: 4gb Team Elite 2.3kPhp (50usd)

Motherboard: Any P35 or above overclockable boards (Asus, Gigabyte etc.) 4k (roughly 80usd)

PSU: Hec winpower 3kPhp (roughly 70us)

Case: Crappiest one you can find

Monitor: Any 19 inch LCD monitor of your choice or bigger but you need better specs.

Those will likely run the game at breakneck speeds. They are all recommended and have the bang for the buck value in purchasing new hardware as of this time of writing.

Overclock your Hardware

The most crucial part here is the Motherboard. If you can’t overclock your processor, then you are screwed. Here are some sites that can help you OC your hardware to get free computing power.

The Video card can be overclocked better via Rivatuner. You can just download it via their site. Although it only supports XP and Vista, you won’t get it to run under Windows 7 yet.

Downgrade your Graphics Settings

You can start off by turning off the shadows, glow, specular map, water detail, number of dynamic lights, vertical sync, soften smoke edges.

But if you still have stutters and low frames, download this config and it will surely give you a lot of speed boost but it will look like shi* , just try this out as your last resort. Add more details to your settings if you think your system can handle it. Oh and if you still want to get more speed, lower the sound quality to 11k, you have now a game boy sound on your COD4. Enjoy...

Game Settings

What is hardcore mode?

You Get 30 health. No HUD.

What is Old School Mode?

You get lots of health and jump higher. All player start with a toy gun and stupid like childs play.


How do i take screenshots?

Press F12, check them out over your cod4 modern warfare> main> screenshots folder

How do i talk on a voice-chat enabled server?

Press Z , don’t spam and don’t sing please for the love of Gawd.

How do i throw grenades farther?

Run and Jump before throwing

Respawn time reduction?

If you are the host, type in the console \scr_war_playerrespawndelay 1 or -1 For Team Deathmatch.

On other gametypes, replace "war" with:

dm Free for all

sab Sabotage

sd Seek and Destroy

koth Domination


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