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It's the easiest way to play - U don't even need to use BattleNET, when u install this, it puts all internet servers/games underneath the LAN option, as if you were at a LAN.
"Garena turns the internet into a huge cyber cafe, which allows players to connect and play games with each other in such a way as they play in LAN. "

Here are the games supported by Garena:

Blackshot-FPS Game exclusive to garena

War3RPG a.k.a DOTA
Left4Dead-4 player FPS Coop against Zombies. Uses the Source Engine same as Half-Life 2

Enemy Territory - Old-School Wolfenstein-FPS-based game

- Race Cars Galore Supreme Commander - Epic Scale RTS

War3 TFT -Frozen throne expansion multiplayer

Killing Floor - Yet another Left4Dead Knockoff

Red Alert 3 - Real Time Strategy game from the Command and Conquer Series.

Call of Duty 5 - Good game rehashed from COD4. This isn't made by Infinity Ward.

Call of Duty 4
-Infinity Ward's Best Game and the reason for this blog

H.A.W.X. - Tom Clancy's Version of Ace Combat from Namco

Counter Strike 1.6 - No definition needed

AOE II: The Conquerors - RTS

AOE I: The Rise of Rome - RTS

Starcraft - RTS Legend that can even play on a Pentium 1 Computer with 1mb of video ram

Counter Strike Source
- Same as the CS series

Counter Strike 1.5 - One of the pioneer games that popularized FPS gaming in Asia

Call of Duty 2
- WWII verion of Call of Duty 4 from Infinity Ward

Team Fortress 2 - Same FPS gameplay as its predecessor.

Battlefield 2 - The best FPS before Call of Duty 4 - Pilot Jets, Tanks, Buggys, Boats, 32 vs 32 player mayhem which is led by a commander on both sides in which you get constant UAV's, Artillery Strikes, Parachute Ammo to your allies and a custom class that can revive fallen allies.

Configuring their Settings in Garena are muck likely the same as COD 4. Just get a copy (or a cracked version) of the game and you are all set.


February 20, 2010 at 1:04 PM Arthur said...

There is a new garena 2010 client out now. The navigation is a little tricky. Optimized for ads only. It's still the same but a new GUI.

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